If you are looking for ski instruction at any level I cannot recommend Terry highly enough - very professional and patient.

Kim Head

Terry's coaching has worked wonders, this has really helped improve my skiing. Terry's experience and ability to break down my turns in detail and implement corrective measures has produced great results, almost analysing every mm to correct pressure progression and release, certainly given me focus points. Thanks Terry, much appreciated.

George Bartlett

We had an excellent days skiing with Terry!
There were four of us of varying experience, all needing help with different aspects. Terry was able to hone in on what we needed to work on individually and we all came away having improved.
Its was hard work and we were exhausted at the end but it was definitely worth it.
Highly recommended!

Polly Emptage

Terry has coached me for a number of years and I have improved throughout and am still improving. Terry is very approachable and supportive. If you want to improve your skiing or get back on the slopes after a break, I would definitely recommend Terry.

Russell Warner

I signed up for my first one-day, small group, coaching session with Terry and it was brilliant. Six hours tuition went so fast, not just due to the water being sprayed on the Gloucester dry ski slope! It was fun, and helped me improve my technique through a clever mixture of Terry’s observations, and self-learning though his instruction to experiment with different elements of basic ski technique. It was a refreshingly different way to ski better.

Anthony Allen

Terry has been our coach at the group Friday morning session I've been attending for over 6 years, and throughout all of this time I've been very fortunate to have received well constructed sessions, relevant to all of the expected skiing conditions one could face, delivered in a timely, friendly and above all expert way, with feedback tailored to the individual learning style of each student.

As a result of this approach I feel these sessions have definitely improved my skiing, and contributed greatly to my love and enjoyment of this fantastic sport that I feel privileged to be able to take part in.

I feel I can wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Terry as a great coach for all sizes of group sessions, and for individual private sessions.

Nigel Williams

I thoroughly recommend Terry as an excellent ski instructor. He's extremely likeable and his patient, calm and relaxed manner is absolutely perfect for teaching. Terry makes everyone feel welcome and has a great sense of humour too, so it's no wonder that we all love his coaching sessions! They're always a lot of fun😀.


Sheen Smith

Terry's coaching sessions have given me the confidence to keep up with my family on ski holidays as well as enabling me to tackle the harder slopes and more difficult snow conditions.

Terry's coaching is high quality, in-depth and very well organised following continuous themes over a few weeks. His warm and friendly style makes all sessions fun and enjoyable whilst offering excellent technical advice along with positive encouragement.

Terry gives constructive, individual feedback as well as detailed answers to all questions no matter how small.

During the pandemic Terry was a lifeline. He continued coaching online using visualisation techniques, home ski exercises, graphs and diagrams to keep us all going.... as well as a few terrible jokes!

Lynn Phillips

A welcoming and supportive coach, Terry has been instrumental in my development in the sport following a 26 year break. He injects enjoyment, professionalism and learning into every well planned session.

Fiona Foster

Terry is an amazing coach – he has seen me through many highs and lows, always encouraging and helping me to achieve new goals. Terry always considers the abilities of his session attendees - often a very mixed group (in age and ability!) His sessions are fun and enjoyed by everyone.

I have been attending Terry’s coaching sessions for a number of years and highly recommend his style and coaching technique.

Joy Conlon

Terry is an enthusiastic, genuine and friendly person. His ski lessons are really enjoyable, well structured and executed. Terry plans a sequence of sessions and always explains to us how the lesson is linked to those before and after it. He has a deep knowledge of ski technique and the underlying mechanics. All levels of skiers are made welcome and catered for with perceptive individual feedback.

Deb & Chris Seddon

Terry is a great coach. He is calm, friendly and encouraging, and is able to identify individual areas for improvement even in a large group, providing guidance and feedback to help develop skills and technique at any level. Terry's coaching is fun and engaging, and as a result I have become a far more confident skier and can now happily tackle a greater range of slopes when on holiday.

Pauline Clapton

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